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Solar Monster is a free broker that compares solar systems. In the past, we’ve helped over 35,000 Australian find great rates on their power through Electricity Monster, and now we’re here to help you go solar!

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Solar Monster works as a broker between you and several solar installers. We figure out what you need, then present you with a range of solutions from quality installers in your area. We work with the solar installer directly to design the right system for you, at a fair price. Solar Monster will help you make an educated decision on your solar power system, so you get a solar system that satisfies your electricity needs.

The difference with us is we explain everything to you in simple English to give you the peace of mind you need when going solar. Solar Monster also can help pair you up with an electricity retailer that fits your solar configuration, making sure you get a great feed-in rate and sharp electricity rates if you need to buy from the grid.

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Dorothy Parsey

"Very impressed with Tom Hall. He explained everything so that it was easy to follow. Love the fact that I don't have to shop around for 2 years, it is so annoying when you're a pensioner to have to do it every year to save a few dollars."

Charlie Charles

"Usually can't be bothered doing reviews but the service was great. Straight to the point, friendly, helpful and without any misunderstandings. :) cheers Jack"