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  • May be additional charges quoted.
  • Not everyone qualifies for finance.
  • Speak directly with our consultants to get an accurate quote.
  • No financial decisions should be made as a result of this TV Ad.
  • Out of pocket costs refer to the amount required immediately to purchase the system.
  • No money down loan means, it’s possible to finance without making a down payment.

Pay Off With Savings:

Refers to:

Using the money saved by not purchasing electricity from energy provider. Then paying these savings towards the value of the system or finance company. Solar system produces electricity that is either used by the household, therefore not purchased. Customer may also receive a credit for any electricity fed back into the grid from their energy provider. This could also be used to pay off the purchase price or finance.

Eliminate It:

Refers to eliminating the total power bill. This may not be possible due to a range of factors such as: Roof space often determines the maximum size of your solar system. If your electricity usage is higher than the electricity produced by your solar system. You would still get a bill. Service fees to be connected to the grid would still be billed. The only way to eliminate your bill is: if the solar system produces more electricity than you use. Any extra power could be feed back into the grid and purchased from your power company. They could then apply a credit to your bill that is higher than your usage and service fees. Under these circumstances you could eliminate your total energy bill. This only refers to electricity bill and not gas.