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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.
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* We do not compare all energy providers & have commercial arrangements with our partners.


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The opportunity made available to Victorians by the state government is truly amazing! The government introduced the rebates to provide relief for Australian families sinking under the burden of these constant electricity price rises.

Here’s What We Do:
Solar Monster helps you compare solar systems from a range of installers across the country. Our great relationship with the installers guarantees two things: Great Prices & Professional installs.

Solar Monster thinks all eligible Victorians should take advantage of this rebate to combat their expensive power bills. These financial incentives make it the perfect time to go solar.

How Solar Monster Can Help You

Solar Monster helps homes and businesses source solar power system quotes from a range of Solar Installers.

Are you wondering what size system you need for your home or business? Solar installation companies often will want you to get the biggest solar power system they can sell you.

Solar Monster will help you make an educated decision on your solar power system, so you get a solar system that adequately services your electricity consumption.

There is no point buying a bigger solar system if you don’t need it! We can help you make an informed decision about your electricity consumption and solar needs!

Domestic Solar systems have come down in price recently, so it makes sense to shop around. Don’t pay more for your solar power system than you need too. You probably used a mortgage broker for your home loan, so why not use a Solar Monster for your new solar power system?

What does Solar Monster need from you?

We only need a few details from you, about your electricity consumption, so you make an informed decision about your new solar power system.

Searching for Solar Panels can be a daunting task, but using Solar Monster makes going solar easy! We know what a great solar system price looks like, so use our free service so we can make the solar buying experience more informed. Make the right the decision & use our Free Service!


Solar Monster will deliver the right quote for the most economical solar panel system for your home.

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Solar Batteries detects grid outages and automatically becomes your home’s main energy source.

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A key component in your solar system, you solar inverter converts DC to AC electricity.

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This is how your solar system can save you money, your feed-in tarrif is what you are paid for the electricity you generate.

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This review has brought my power bill down by $130 a quarter and given me advice on how to get a better performance for my solar panels as well.
Thank You Tom for your help.

Susan Sole

Excellent Service from Jack Cockburn. Very efficient, clearly spoken, with all questions answered. An authentic customer service person.

Elsa D